Sea Front Zire WongamatAre you looking for Pattaya condo for sale? Well, you may be wondering what owning a condo would mean. However, this piece aims to inform you of things you should know before buying the condo. Here are 6 vital things to know:

– Purchasing a condo means sharing responsibility

One basic feature that makes condos so attractive is the fact that buying a condo means sharing certain costs such as repairs and insurance. Most condo communities form associations to deal with repairs as well as upgrades to certain things like roofs and windows.

– Condos make insurance cheaper

The fact that the condo association’s master policy holds a fraction of the home structure means that you can get insurance at very low rates. With individual home owners, they cater for the whole cost on their own thereby making it more expensive than the former. When purchasing a condo in Pattaya, it’s important to enquire about the association policy. It is vital to talk to an independent agent to know about the condo. You can contact us to know more about the condo you’d like to buy in Pattaya.

– Condos may include other fees

Besides the cheap monthly payment of the condo, there are other association fees that most condos charge. Association fees helps in things like security or even property maintenance. Most condo buyers in Pattaya are advised to consider such fees when compiling their monthly budget.

– Condos provide reserve funds

Who would try signing a purchase agreement of a condo without asking about reserve fund? Reserve fund is the money set aside to cater for repairs of the shared property. Avoid purchasing condos with very low reserve funds as this might be signaling poor management. In fact, in the case of an event like fire occurrence that causes extensive damages, you may be told to contribute in covering the repairs costs.

livingroom The Feelture Pattaya– Condos must follow the association rules

With the purchase agreement and the master insurance policy, residents must live according to the rules of the association. Some condos may prohibit business in the unit while others may prohibit pets. Minor things like music past 10 pm should not be included, though. You should, therefore, remember to be keen when checking for the fine details of the agreement before purchasing a condo. What if the agreement prohibits pets while your pet is your darling?

– Condos can allow tight-knit communities

One key way of determining whether a condo is suitable for you is by assessing your neighbors. A good condo needs to have residents that can share experiences with new residents. It feels good to get introduced to various occupants that might be your potential neighbors. Their interactions and insights may answer the question whether they are the right neighbors for you.

– Purchasing a condo requires a real estate agent

If you are a first-time buyer of a condo in Pattaya, ensure that you consult an expert about it. An experienced real estate agency can bring the difference between a rough process and a smooth one. You may be purchasing a condo that has a tricky agreement, and that’s where an experienced real estate agent comes in. As such, Pattaya Condoshop is here to guide you all along the whole buying process and show you the most suitable property that matches your needs. We are an incredibly professional real estate agency with an expansive experience of selling properties in and around Pattaya. Indeed we have sold well over 3,000 properties since we started out back in 2009. Check out with us today to get the best deals regarding condo for sale Pattaya by You surely won’t regret working with us.

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