The real estate business in Thailand is booming. The region is growing into a world-class resort destination with great opportunities for smart investors. Owning a condo unit here may, therefore, be one of the best decisions you can make. Today, the prices of condominiums continue to rise and thus any delay to acquire a unit may cost you some extra bucks. However, buying a condo is a process that calls for some serious examination of various crucial details. Below are some of the features you would want to consider when buying a condo.

Sea-Zen-Mailer-Template-1– Parking

When looking for a Condo For Sale in Pattaya, ample parking is an important feature to consider. Most of the condos have underneath structure, adjacent to the building and on-site parking. Usually, each unit is assigned some parking slots mostly depending on the number of bedrooms the unit has. Some will also have gates with a parking area and a gated staff that provides security.

– Security

Besides having a gated staff, there are other key safety measures to consider before buying a condo. These measures are mostly aimed at maintaining the security of the residents. Video surveillance and cameras, twenty-four hours security guards, locked exterior door, well-lit parking areas, and hallways are all measures you should put into consideration. Excellent condos may also need to have put in place security perimeter walls and trimmed bushes as other additional security measures. The condo should also have proper fire response measures in place such as installed fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

Exterior-4– Storage place

The fact that people owning a condo might not have access to garages, basements, and cool shades, it’s crucial that the unit has proper alternative storage space. As such, you should consider looking for condos with ample bedroom closet, living room, dining room cabinets and kitchen cupboards. A majority of condos, however, provide an extra room outside where residents can store items like bicycles, rack, and toys.

– Social Opportunities

Developers, in a majority of cases, take into consideration development of different social amenities in condos. As such, a couple of scheduled regular events may be offered such as golfing, book clubs, or pool parties. The events can thus be held within the condos compound or can also involve some traveling so as to take advantage of attraction sites around such as sporting events, museums, seminars and concerts. Even if the developer may not pioneer such activities, some residents can come together on a regular basis to organize such events.

Bottom Linesea-saran-condo-for-sale

Above are just but a few features that you should perhaps take into consideration before purchasing a condo. Among the few condos that we have identified to be offering features and amenities close to those mentioned above is Sea Saran Condominiums. Sea Saran Condo is set to be completed early 2017, but we’ve learned some details regarding it. As such, the condo offers smart unit design, great facilities and is situated in an excellent location. It offers a premium environment at a very affordable rate. It also offers easy terms of payment and a great value- owning a dream home has never been easier for you. It is located on Thailand’s Eastern seaboard in Bang Saray. This is an ideal situation since it’s only 250m from the beach. With numerous tourist attractions and other amenities within its environs, Sea Saran Condominium makes the best bet for your holiday home or residence. To book a unit, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to guide you through.  
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