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Investing in Thailand- How Feasible Is It?

Investing in Thailand- How Feasible Is It?

The-Reflection-oceaan zichtThailand has in the past few years been experiencing an upward trend, both local and foreign investment. Its economic growth moves towards a more Asian integration resulting in smooth trading particularly in Special Economic Zones (SEZs). This has helped to give foreign companies more confidence to continue expanding in the country. However, the feedback is that there is a need for more clear-cut investment promotion policies. This majorly applies to the service businesses that are protected under the Foreign Business Act (FBA). This year is going to be an investment year in Thailand. In 2015, the country introduced a number of economic policy reforms in preparation for the next phase. The government has now offered numerous incentives and privileges to be directed to investments as part of this move. Already in the plan is a focus to develop ten industries in future. These include; next generation smart electronics, cars, agriculture and biotechnology, niche tourism, robotics, biochemical, food, digital and mechanical services. The niche tourism markets are affluent, wellness, and medical services. The industrial clusters that are targeted for research and development centers so as to attract investors from all over the globe are fisheries and related fields, agriculture, textile, ceramic production, leather goods, garments, jewelry and ornaments, furniture, machinery and other equipment, medical, automobile, plastics, pharmaceutical, businesses to support tourism, industrial estates, and pharmaceuticals. There is an extension of up to 2 years on corporate-income-tax by the Board of Investment (BOI for those investments that can commence their operation before the end of 2016). Those projects in Special Economic Zone (SEZs) will receive exemptions from corporate income tax for two more years, but that can’t go beyond eight years. In 2015 during the first three-quarters, Japan was the largest providers of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) having proposed 367 projects. Singapore was next with 102 projects, with the U.S. contributing 37 projects. Harsh Vardhan Shringla, the outgoing Ambassador to India said that his country’s FDI to Thailand had increased. Indian Embassy has in the last 18 months organized 45 economic events that involved Thailand’s small and medium sized enterprises. At the moment, there are 40 Companies from India manufacturing in Thailand with more than 100 offices. Thailand’s Petrochemical, IT, and automobile appears to be some of the areas in which India is interested the most. The American president of the Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, Darren Buckley, said that Investors from America were more interested with the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and were doing an expansion of the same. However, they needed to receive more information about the incentives that are offered by the Government of Thailand. Promoting high technology and super-cluster investment by the government is regarded as a move in the right direction. As much as major investors from the United States are more interested in investing in those businesses, they are also interested in SMEs too. However, firms from the United States have called on the Thai Government to also allow them invest in the service sector, as most of those businesses are still under protection by FBA. The Chairman of the Economic-Research Committee of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, Mr. Masayasu Hosumi, said that already more than 4,500 Japanese companies are operating in Thailand, so there might still be a small interest in investing in the recently set-up Special Economic Zone (SEZs) at the moment. The reason this might be this way is because of a significantly large number of companies that are already in operation here. Mr. Hosumi also said that investors from Japan would like to see more incentives issued by the Thailand government.

Thailand Property Developers Optimistic About 2016

Thailand Property Developers Optimistic About 2016

Ocean Front for sale Zire WongamatIn an interview with The Nation, Thongma Vijitpongpun, the President as well as the CEO of Pruksa Real Estate said that the property market is expected to grow by between 5 and 10 percent nationwide this year. He said that the growth will be highly observed in the greater Bangkok, as a result of the government’s investment in most infrastructural projects. The government investments will pave way to new lands which will be a boost to companies that want to develop new residential projects. As a result, developers will be forced to invest in other locations. As per the market trend, Pruksa will launch other projects this year than it was the case in 2015. He, however, didn’t specify the actual number of projects to be launched. In the previous year, Pruksa was able to launch not less than 50 projects that were worth Bt50. It had been planned that 70 projects were to be launched that would have cost Bt50. However, he said that the 20 projects that were not launched then would be launched this year. Meanwhile, Wanchak Buranasiri, the chief operating officer of Sansiri, said that the company has the plan to launch 21 new projects this year whose total worth is Bt40 billion. The company will target a 40% presales growth. The presales growth last year was around Bt30 billion. However, Sansiri estimates that its total revenue will not go beyond Bt37 billion, which will be below the level attained last year. Supalai, through its Deputy Managing Director, Tritecha Thanmatihum, said that the company plans to launch 28 new residential projects this year that will cost Bt31 billion. Ananda Development through its President and CEO, C Reunkitiya, said that the company will launch ten projects whose worth will be up to 22 billion this year. However, eight of those projects will be Condominiums with 4 of those companies being developed through a joint venture with Japanese partners- Mitsui Fudosan while the rest two will involve detached housing. The company targets a growth of between 5 and 10 percent.

The rise of residential prices

The price of residential houses is projected to increase by around 2 to 5 percent this year. This comes after a rise in the cost of land. However, this will depend on locations with some maintaining their price due to high competition as well as supply exceeding the demand. He added that in some locations there will be a low supply of land which will result in high prices. Presert, the Managing Director of Pruksa’s Condominium dept. said that the launched project would cost more due to the rise in land prices. He, however, added that residential inventory for the projects that was launched two years ago would still maintain their prices because the projects began at the prevailing cost of the time. Residential projects in the proximity of both mass transit routes as well as those planned to start operations on 2016, for example, the Purple Line, have already signaled a price increase of between 2 and 5 percent. The managing director of Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Richard Ellis, said that Luxury condominiums in the CBDs of Bangkok are more likely to see an increase in the average price tag of Bt300,000 per square meter to Bt350,000 per square meter this year. This will also apply to the new launches this year as well as the existing projects.

6 Crucial Things You Should Know Before Buying A Condo In Pattaya

Sea Front Zire WongamatAre you looking for Pattaya condo for sale? Well, you may be wondering what owning a condo would mean. However, this piece aims to inform you of things you should know before buying the condo. Here are 6 vital things to know:

– Purchasing a condo means sharing responsibility

One basic feature that makes condos so attractive is the fact that buying a condo means sharing certain costs such as repairs and insurance. Most condo communities form associations to deal with repairs as well as upgrades to certain things like roofs and windows.

– Condos make insurance cheaper

The fact that the condo association’s master policy holds a fraction of the home structure means that you can get insurance at very low rates. With individual home owners, they cater for the whole cost on their own thereby making it more expensive than the former. When purchasing a condo in Pattaya, it’s important to enquire about the association policy. It is vital to talk to an independent agent to know about the condo. You can contact us to know more about the condo you’d like to buy in Pattaya.

– Condos may include other fees

Besides the cheap monthly payment of the condo, there are other association fees that most condos charge. Association fees helps in things like security or even property maintenance. Most condo buyers in Pattaya are advised to consider such fees when compiling their monthly budget.

– Condos provide reserve funds

Who would try signing a purchase agreement of a condo without asking about reserve fund? Reserve fund is the money set aside to cater for repairs of the shared property. Avoid purchasing condos with very low reserve funds as this might be signaling poor management. In fact, in the case of an event like fire occurrence that causes extensive damages, you may be told to contribute in covering the repairs costs.

livingroom The Feelture Pattaya– Condos must follow the association rules

With the purchase agreement and the master insurance policy, residents must live according to the rules of the association. Some condos may prohibit business in the unit while others may prohibit pets. Minor things like music past 10 pm should not be included, though. You should, therefore, remember to be keen when checking for the fine details of the agreement before purchasing a condo. What if the agreement prohibits pets while your pet is your darling?

– Condos can allow tight-knit communities

One key way of determining whether a condo is suitable for you is by assessing your neighbors. A good condo needs to have residents that can share experiences with new residents. It feels good to get introduced to various occupants that might be your potential neighbors. Their interactions and insights may answer the question whether they are the right neighbors for you.

– Purchasing a condo requires a real estate agent

If you are a first-time buyer of a condo in Pattaya, ensure that you consult an expert about it. An experienced real estate agency can bring the difference between a rough process and a smooth one. You may be purchasing a condo that has a tricky agreement, and that’s where an experienced real estate agent comes in. As such, Pattaya Condoshop is here to guide you all along the whole buying process and show you the most suitable property that matches your needs. We are an incredibly professional real estate agency with an expansive experience of selling properties in and around Pattaya. Indeed we have sold well over 3,000 properties since we started out back in 2009. Check out with us today to get the best deals regarding condo for sale Pattaya by You surely won’t regret working with us.

Pattaya Condoshop

Why You Should Buy A Condo In Na Jomtien

bedroom The Riviera Jomtien PattayaAre you contemplating whether to buy a condo in Na Jomtien? Well, I suggest you should. What makes condominium developments worth is that they offer numerous desirable amenities that wouldn’t be as affordable on house ownership. Isn’t it better to buy property as a group rather than as an individual? So, if you’ve heard about any condos for sale in Na Jomtien, here are the reasons you should be quick to grab one:

– Desirable location

Owning a single family home at a luxurious location like Na Jomtien beach would be next to impossible. However, owning a condo would cut the cost by a bigger fraction to enable you and your family live your dream. In fact owning a condo as opposed to owning a standalone house, would cost half the price or even a measly third of the price.

– Community

Isn’t there the communal feeling in unit ownership? In most of these condominiums, there are a lot of planned social events where owners meet and enjoy. In condominiums where there is a high number of owner occupied units, neighbors get to know each other which brings the communal sense.

– Equity and tax benefits

Are you on crossroads as whether to rent or purchase a condominium unit in Na Jomtien? The answer is simple. A condo offers two benefits over renting. Firstly, one gets the opportunity to establish equity, and secondly, you can also take advantage of taxation for property taxes as well as mortgage interests. If mortgage payment in a month is almost equal to the monthly rent, purchasing it would be better than renting it.

– Investment

Na Jomtien is undoubtedly an exquisite location to invest in a condo. The reason behind this is that the location is anticipated to appreciate even more in days to come. Being a beach front, Na Jomtien would fetch you a lot of dollars in a week, especially on summer vacations. Importantly, if a unit is on a rental program, you should enquire about the annual rental income as well as the corresponding rental fee that has already been collected.

– Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the buildings, ground or the common services in the condo. After completing the payment of all expenses then you can leave the rest to the people dealing with repair and other general maintenance services. This applies to all other condos, though.

– Price

Owning a condo is commonly cheaper than purchasing a standalone home. In Na Jomtien, the cost of a condo is determined by the size of houses or units. There are a variety of sizes that may be more affordable for you and your family. However apart from just the cost of the house, one should consider all other additional cost in a year as well as monthly dues.


If you hear about a condo for sale in Na Jomtien, don’t hesitate to take step especially if you’re in a position and also fancy owning one in this beautifully located beach. Contact us today to learn more about the latest affordable condo deals in Na Jomtien.

Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya The Best There Is In Na Jomtien, Thailand

Movenpick SiamThe management of Movenpick Hotel and Resorts, on December 15, 2015, opened a new hotel known as Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya. Siam Motors Group owns the hotel. The hotel promises a new era of premium hospitality experiences on the pristine Na Jomtien Beach. The new hotel is ideally located since it is situated next to Ocean Marina Yacht Club and only about 75 minutes’ drive from the Suvarnabhumi airport. The 5-star hotel is the first of its kind to be developed in Na Jomtien. The hotel has 262 rooms in total. Andrew Langdon, Movenpick and Resort Senior Vice President for Asia, said that they are delighted to announce the hotel opening, which is so far the fifth facility they’ve opened in Thailand. He also said that they have a long and successful track record in Thailand, and are thus committed firmly to continue investing in the destination for a longer time. Phornthep Phornprapha, who is the Chairman of Siam at Chonburi Co. as well as the President of Siam Motor Group, expressed confidence and said that the facility would be an attractive draw especially due to the fact that the people managing it are Movenpick. He added that this was because Movenpick is a brand that represents quality – a hallmark of Swiss hospitality and one that goes well with guests. Phornthep said that Movenpick is an international brand of high quality and that in almost everything they do there’s always some natural sense of hospitality. Besides, he also said that Movenpick is situated in a perfect location adding besides having a unique culinary flair. The accommodation facilities at the Movenpick Hotel are exceptionally spacious, with all having a panoramic sunset view of the Gulf of Thailand. The facility also has three dining outlets. There are also signature culinary services that include the daily Chocolate Hour that features Swiss Chocolate that guest can enjoy. The function space of the resort has a seven-meter high ceiling and sea view that’s incredible. The reason for this is to establish a facility that suits both local events as well as international wedding planners and meetings. The resort has a banquet facility big enough to accommodate at least 450 guests in a theatre-style configuration or 350 guests when used for a gala dinner style. There is a very attractive outdoor lagoon pool that lies in the middle of a tropical garden. Alongside the pool is a wave spar where the guests can relax. Also, there is the kids club that provides children with a myriad of educational activities, fun, indoors as well as outdoors activities. Other notable facilities offered here include; a spot water center, golf concierge, a fully-equipped fitness center, deep sea fishing tours, regional excursions, and island cruises.

Bottom Line

Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya is, without doubt, one of the best hotels you will want to visit anytime you’re in Thailand. It’s one of the few places you will receive a 5-star treatment on top of the superb accommodation facilities. Of course, there are numerous other fantastic services offered by the hotel that have not been mentioned here. Visit us today and get an experience of a lifetime.

Key Features To Look For When Buying A Condo in Pattaya


The real estate business in Thailand is booming. The region is growing into a world-class resort destination with great opportunities for smart investors. Owning a condo unit here may, therefore, be one of the best decisions you can make. Today, the prices of condominiums continue to rise and thus any delay to acquire a unit may cost you some extra bucks. However, buying a condo is a process that calls for some serious examination of various crucial details. Below are some of the features you would want to consider when buying a condo.

Sea-Zen-Mailer-Template-1– Parking

When looking for a Condo For Sale in Pattaya, ample parking is an important feature to consider. Most of the condos have underneath structure, adjacent to the building and on-site parking. Usually, each unit is assigned some parking slots mostly depending on the number of bedrooms the unit has. Some will also have gates with a parking area and a gated staff that provides security.

– Security

Besides having a gated staff, there are other key safety measures to consider before buying a condo. These measures are mostly aimed at maintaining the security of the residents. Video surveillance and cameras, twenty-four hours security guards, locked exterior door, well-lit parking areas, and hallways are all measures you should put into consideration. Excellent condos may also need to have put in place security perimeter walls and trimmed bushes as other additional security measures. The condo should also have proper fire response measures in place such as installed fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

Exterior-4– Storage place

The fact that people owning a condo might not have access to garages, basements, and cool shades, it’s crucial that the unit has proper alternative storage space. As such, you should consider looking for condos with ample bedroom closet, living room, dining room cabinets and kitchen cupboards. A majority of condos, however, provide an extra room outside where residents can store items like bicycles, rack, and toys.

– Social Opportunities

Developers, in a majority of cases, take into consideration development of different social amenities in condos. As such, a couple of scheduled regular events may be offered such as golfing, book clubs, or pool parties. The events can thus be held within the condos compound or can also involve some traveling so as to take advantage of attraction sites around such as sporting events, museums, seminars and concerts. Even if the developer may not pioneer such activities, some residents can come together on a regular basis to organize such events.

Bottom Linesea-saran-condo-for-sale

Above are just but a few features that you should perhaps take into consideration before purchasing a condo. Among the few condos that we have identified to be offering features and amenities close to those mentioned above is Sea Saran Condominiums. Sea Saran Condo is set to be completed early 2017, but we’ve learned some details regarding it. As such, the condo offers smart unit design, great facilities and is situated in an excellent location. It offers a premium environment at a very affordable rate. It also offers easy terms of payment and a great value- owning a dream home has never been easier for you. It is located on Thailand’s Eastern seaboard in Bang Saray. This is an ideal situation since it’s only 250m from the beach. With numerous tourist attractions and other amenities within its environs, Sea Saran Condominium makes the best bet for your holiday home or residence. To book a unit, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to guide you through.  

How Easy Is It For Foreigners To Buy Pattaya Condos For Sale?

Urban-Attitude-featured-imageBuying property in a foreign country can be a complicated process if you are not up to date with the procedures and the regulation of the country in question. This has been one of the major problems that are faced by investors all over the world. Before deciding to buy property in any country, it is paramount to first carry out intensive research into the country in question before jumping into the first available opportunity to acquire a property because property laws differ from country to country. Today, many investors are setting their eyes on the property market of Thailand. Some of the most attractive property offers come from the huge range of Pattaya condominiums. Pattaya is a property haven for condo buyers because the Pattaya region is a beautiful coastal city that is also a favourite destination for tourists visiting the country.  The good news here is in terms of Thai law, buying a condo as a foreigner is a pretty straightforward process, unlike other countries which had challenges mentioned earlier. Here’s a look at how easy it is for foreigners to buy Pattaya condos:

Buying a freehold condominium under a foreigner’s name

The law in Thailand allows foreigners to own condominiums on freehold lease provided the entire condominium complex is 51% owned by citizens of Thailand. Hence, this shows that it is easy to buy a condominium in Pattaya. All you have to do is to look for a condo project that you are interested in and in most cases, the ratio is nothing to worry about. Buying the property under your Thai spouse’s name This is another way to buy a Pattaya condo. For many foreigners who immigrate to Thailand, buying property under their spouse’s name has become a popular resort for them. This is because your spouse is a local citizen of Thailand so the process can be a really easy one for them to handle. The downside to this method is that the condo will solely be the property of your spouse and should the relationship not thrive, you may end up losing your investment.

Using foreign currency to buy Pattaya condos

If you have decided to use your own name as a foreigner to buy a condo in Pattaya, the other thing you have to abide by is that you need to use foreign currency to buy that condo for sale. This also means that you will not be able to get a loan under local banks to acquire a Pattaya condo but you need to use your money from your home country to be transferred into Thailand using a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form (FETF) to legally purchase that Pattaya condo.

The prices of the condos in Pattaya are affordable

As mentioned earlier, you need to have the cash ready if you want to purchase a condo in Pattaya as a foreigner. It might seem daunting to you but prices of Pattaya condo are much more affordable compared to prices back in your home country so while you find it hard to purchase a condo in your home country, you should find it much easier to afford a condo for sale in Pattaya.

Pattaya Condoshop and Heights Holdings proudly present Arcadia Beach Imperial

real estate for sale Arcadia Beach Resort PattayaArcadia Beach Imperial will be a high quality resort condominium with five 8-storey buildings that will count just over 1,150 modular premium condos for sale. The unique design of the studio, one bedroom and 2 bedroom condos will give a luxurious modern and Feng Shui feeling. The Arcadia Beach Imperial condos have different layouts and sizes starting from 23 to 79 square meters. Arcadia Beach Imperial is uniquely built in a classic Imperial Chinese theme. All condos will be having the highest quality standards. Not only are the condos quality built and nicely designed and very secure with security steel-core doors and a fingerprint entry system. The Chinese themed Arcadia Beach Imperial will be fully hotel style reception lobby and many amazing facilities such as a large lagoon pool, equipped with a gymnasium and a sauna. The wide and green Asian style orchid gardens surrounding the resort will have quiet Zen relax areas. Arcadia Beach Imperial is built only 700 meters from the popular Jomtien beach and has easy accessibility to Pattaya center in less than 10 minutes. Within the next few weeks the early investors will have a chance to secure a condo for a Pre- Launch promotion price.
  • Studios start from 1.149m THB
  • 1 Bedroom Condos start from 1.499m THB
  • 2 Bedroom Condos start from 2.998m THB

Acqua Condos: Art within Art


It is a rare privilege to have the opportunity to live in a true work of art. For those to whom the journey of life itself is a work art there is just no other way to live. For you who demand beauty in every aspect of existence, Acqua Condos beckons.

Before considering Acqua’s avant garde design and beautiful appointments, first look to its location. Nestled into the lush and pristine Chaweng Noi mountains on the legendarily beautiful island of Koh Samui off the coast of Thailand’s premier resort destination of Pattaya you could make the mistake of expecting Acqua to be just another luxury resort condominium complex. It is not. Acqua’s revolutionarily nouveau design stands out not only from the other resorts in the area but from any other in the world. Truly eye catching and always captivating from the outside, Acqua Resort Jomtien still manages to be comfortable and homey on the inside. With eleven spacious and highly livable spaces inside each beachside condo you’ll be as happy on the inside looking out as you are from the beach, proudly looking up at your residence.


What may not surprise you about Acqua is that its two cornerstone buildings are erected around a central fifty meter pool fit for Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Slightly more surprising are the two rooftop pools – but of course you wouldn’t think a landmark project named after water to be short of swimming facilities. What is a little surprising is how family friendly this highly sophisticated luxury residence is. The kid area is enough to make visitors wish they were kids again, the yoga area is perfect for couples relaxation and when the day is nearly done there’s nothing like lighting up a grill in the barbecue area. When it comes to recreation, Acqua Pattaya is lacking in nothing. It’s almost a pity how nice it is inside. You may never leave to explore all that the island of Koh Samui has to offer for your entertainment and relaxation.

Condominiums at Acqua start at just over 1.2 million baht, a surprisingly competitive price for floorplans rivaling the best condos in Thailand. Available units include studios, one bedroom and two bedrooms, ensuring that no matter your needs Acqua’s got you covered.

Why Buy A Condo Unit in Centara Grand Residence


Why should you buy a condo in Pattaya’s Centara Grand Residence condominium complex? Because you desire and deserve the best. And because you can. You want nothing but the best. You want every aspect of your residence to be the best it can. You want the bedroom to be perfectly appointed. You want the living room to be the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. You want the bathroom to be your private spa. You want the view to stretch into an infinity of beauty. You want it all. Centara delivers.

Even the most cursory glance at the specifications of “Simply the most exclusive condominium ever to be built in Pattaya,” confirms that Centara is the benchmark against which all other developments will be measured. From the imported Italian marble to the included wine cooler to the unobstructed sea view that every unit boasts, Centara is the Pattaya condominium perfected. The fully furnished indoor living areas are so comfortable you could hardly be blamed for neglecting the 4 by 2.5 m, sunbed-ready balcony. And, while it is what is inside that counts, judging this particular book by its cover would not keep any critic from cracking the binding. Whether you’re approaching the glowing towers, walking through the halls or enjoying any of the multitude of functional luxury facilities, every aspect of the Centara Grand Residence succeeds in captivating your eye and refreshing your sense of joie de vivre.

Rising from beautiful Jomtien beach like a towering jewel pulled from the sea, this new standard for luxury construction is as stunning from the outside as the sea view is from any of its multitude green spaces or its 19th and 23rd floor infinity edge pools. Truly, the Centara Grand has it all. Seven swimming pools, 150 meters of beach area, spas, gyms, a full fitness center, and of course sauna. A kids club, water park, a beach pavilion – if you want it, you will find you don’t even need to ask. Centara Grand has already provided.

For those looking to enjoy not only a truly five star experience but also a sound investment opportunity, look no further. Centara Grand is one of several exclusive condominium and hotel projects being developed by Pattaya’s Tulip Group. The Tulip Group is known for associating with only the best in the design and construction fields. Their cutting-edge, aggressively marketed developments are closely watched and expected only to grow in value and become even more desirable as simply the best and most desired residences in Pattaya’s booming real estate sector.

What do you get the man who has it all? The answer is, you show them how much more there is. For the person that deserves the best, there is no other choice. Whether considering a simple yet perfectly furnished studio apartment, a sensible but stylish 1 bedroom or a fully loaded, incredibly appointed two bedroom with a full kitchen and bathroom fit for an emperor the first and only option for a five star experience is the Centara Grand.

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